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Horseback use for Groups staying for a week

Riding to and from the ranch and Florence Lake on Saturday is offered at $105 each way. This rate includes the services of your guide.
Riding during your stay is $175 per horse for a full-day ride, which leaves at 8 am and returns around 5 pm. There is a minimum of two riders and service of a guide is included. For pack trips, see rates below.
For a half-day ride, the charge is $105 per horse, guide fee included. Minimum two riders. Half-day rides leave at 9 am and return by 1 pm.

Horseback use for Short Stay periods

HORSES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE DURING THE SHORT STAY PERIODS. Inquire before you make plans to ride. Full day and half-day rates same as shown for Groups above.

Riding to the ranch from Florence Lake on your regularly scheduled arrival and departure days $105 per rider.

If you need to have your gear packed in from Florence Lake to the ranch, or from the ranch out to Florence Lake on a day other than Saturday or Wednesday, the rate is $105 per pack horse, $105 per saddle horse, and $350 for the packer. If multiple parties are being packed in or out, the packer fee will be split between parties. One packer/guide can take up to six horses.

Pack trips

Availability subject to US Forest Service and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, where applicable, quota restrictions. You must obtain your own wilderness permit from the agency which governs your entry trailhead.

We are able to do dunnage, spot and resupply pack trips for our guests, resupply customers, and the public with advance reservations. Charge for the packer is $350 per day, $175 per pack horse, and $175 per saddle horse. A packer/guide can accompany up to five riders. We can pack to locations in the Sierra National Forest and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park.

If you want an overnight pack trip, you will need to contact us several months in advance so we can arrange with the Park Service or Forest Service for the necessary permits. It all comes down to: Plan Ahead.

Horseback riding conditions—Applies to all riders

The minimum age to ride a horse is 6 years. Riding helmets are required for everyone up through age 12 and recommended to everyone regardless of age. Bicycle helmets are approved for horseback riding. Due to insurance requirements, we cannot allow riding without a guide. We do not allow double riding; it’s one person per horse. There is an additional charge of 3% which is paid to the USDA Forest Service for use of forest trails.

We have an absolute weight limit for riders—250 pounds (113 kg), and the rider must be in very good physical condition with an athletic build, not overweight.

Contact us

Use email for fastest year-round contact.

Or send us a letter. Our address during the vacation season (June through September) is:
Muir Trail Ranch
P.O. Box 176
Lakeshore, CA 93634

During the off-season (October through May):
Muir Trail Ranch
P.O. Box 700
Ahwahnee, CA 93601