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Many hikers who are thru-hiking the John Muir or Pacific Crest Trail will send us a resupply package, aka food cache, to pick up at our location. We are one of the closest resupply stops to the JMT, and the furthest from any road access.

Our resupply season in 2018 will be June 13th through September 22nd.

STEP 1: Read our Complete Resupply Information page carefully. By using our service, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed.
STEP 2: Use a 5-gallon or smaller plastic bucket to pack your food and supplies.
STEP 3: Pay for your resupply using our secure online link HERE. You will automatically receive a mailing label that you can print, trim and tape to your bucket.
STEP 4: Send your bucket using USPS Priority Mail three (3) weeks before you expect to pick it up.

The service fee is US$80.00 for up to 25 pounds. (Buckets weighing over 25 pounds will be charged US$2.00 per pound overage fee.) This covers:
• Picking up your bucket at the Post Office in Lakeshore (about 30 miles from the ranch) by vehicle.
• Securely storing your bucket at Florence Lake
• Ferrying it across the lake
• Packing it in on horses and/or off-road vehicle the last five miles in to the ranch
• Storing your bucket until your expected arrival date.

All shipping fees are separately paid to the post office or shipping service you are using. Postage cost varies depending on the weight of your package, where it is shipped from, and the type of shipping service you select.

Due to high volume we can only guarantee timely service if you use our payment and shipping label system, and allow 3 weeks to ship via USPS Priority Mail. You MUST have your name and expected pickup date on your bucket! We will ONLY return buckets mailed via Priority Mail in the US.

International customers— if you have any trouble paying online by credit card please email us for payment options. See the Complete Resupply Information page below for information on shipping from outside the US.

When you use our resupply service, we assume that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined on our Complete Resupply Information page. Please go check it out for detailed information on all aspects of the resupply experience.