Keep that tail on tight! Get the revolutionary Mule Tail Wrench!
Buy yours now!*
Called “The greatest invention since the chrome-plated hoof pick!”
Muleskinners Gazette
Nothin’ makes a rider look dumber than havin’ your mule’s tail hangin’ loose like it’s gonna fall off. Except when it actually does fall off! Dang!

And nothin’ looks worse than most folks’ solution – Duct Tape! Big sticky wads of the gray stuff gummin’ up your mule’s butt just looks awful!

Did you know you can hold that tail in place with one quick, simple twist of the revolutionary Mule Tail Wrench? Yessiree Bob!

Easy to use, cheap, and small enough to stash inside your boot, the Mule Tail Wrench is the answer to your prayers.

Some actual testimentals:

“… by dang, it’s a dang miracle how easy it is to use!”
J.D., Colorado

“… never saw nothin’ like it!”
J.D., Wyoming

“… gettin’ one for my dang wife for Christmas!”
J.D., Missouri

Works on horses, too!

And donkeys!

Comin’ soon – Cows!

(Doubles as a dang nutcracker!)

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*At selected tack shops and shop-at-home TV channels on cable or satellite.
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